The Gyrokinesis method was developed by Juliu Horvath. 

The concept includes various elements of yoga, dance and thai chi, looking at the spine as the main element to regain an overall wellbeing.

Gyrokinesis systematically and gently trains joints and muscles by rhythmic wavelike movements.
The corresponding breathing patterns stimulate the nervous system and help to release waste products and toxic substances that can be removed by the oxygen-enhanced bloodstream.

The flowing movement prevents static positions and thereby superfluous body waste deposit and tensions.
The result is a comprehensive and deep state of balance.

Gyrokinesis stimulates energy in a natural way and helps to overcome lethargy.

The training program is done without any training machines, so the acquired exercises can be partially repeated at home or at work to re-balance the body from one-sided working positions.

People of all ages and different lifestyles benefit by this method – from therapy to high performance training for competitive athletes.

Group Training - 60 min.

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Single 23.- Euro / 10 x Abonnement 200.- Euro

Group Training - 90 min.

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Single 28.- Euro / 10 x Abonnement 250.- Euro