The Gyrotonic movement system was  developed by Juliu Horvath. 

The holistic approach opens up a unique way in the art of exercising.

 By  perceiving the human body as an integral entity, with the spine as its central support,
the founder, incorporated his experience as a dancer, swimmer and gymnast as well as his profound studies of yoga  and Chinese acupuncture,  into the Gyrotonic method.

The movement flow is based on circular, wavelike movements with continuous resistance. 
All exercises are synchronised with corresponding breathing patterns and carried out in a melodic way.

The  method guides the performer to a focused physical and mental expression,  resulting in enhanced balance and wellbeing.

The uniqueness of the Gyrotonic Equipment, allows total freedom of movement and has no restrictions in terms of range, speed, intensity and resistance.

One to One Training - 75 min.

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Single 90.- Euro / 10 x Lessons 810.- Euro

Tandem Training - 75 min.

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Single 70.- Euro / 10 x Lessons 630.- Euro